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Company Details

    Global Metrix (GMx) is a limited liability company formed under the Florida Limited Liability Company Act. It serves both the private sector and as a government contractor.

Competitiveness: GMx develops management plans and recommended courses of action to promote sustainable solutions based on research, analysis, and industry best practices ensuring a cost conscience culture.

Overcoming Obstacles: The main obstacle facing program managers is to facilitate clear concise communication of the end user’s requirements. GMx employs innovative techniques like “dailies” with project leads to discuss progress and concerns.

Leadership: The managing partners share a background in the naval service and collectively have 40 years of contracting experience. They earned their MBAs and have extensive contract management experience from proposal to closeout.

Overriding goal: To provide management plans and recommended courses of action that promote sustainable solutions. Our customers must be completely satisfied with our services.

• Investment analysis
• Benefit-cost analysis
• Value benefit analysis
• Risk-profile analysis
• Cost trend analysis
• Target/actual-comparison models
• Profitability analysis
• Valuation analysis
• Expert surveys
• Simulation calculations
• Contract management
• Proposal writing
• Source selection
• Technical writing
• Statement of work development
• Market share acquisition

    Cost management and profitability are the cornerstones of successful businesses. We view projects holistically to consider the human capital, environmental sustainability and the development of long term partnerships.

    We will provide your organization with cost effective principles that are repeatable and sustainable while continuously enabling you to reach project completion and enhance profitability. Every organization needs to be aware of how each and every decision impacts the final profit and timeline of a project. We will project the impacts and sustainability of the final product.

Markets supported by Global Metrix:
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Services / Consulting
• Bid / Proposal Management
• Political Campaigns
• Import / Export
• Global Project Management
• Supply Chain / Logistics
• Research and Development
• Organizational Structure

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